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In Some Other World, Maybe (paperback)


In Some Other World, Maybe beguiled me so much during recent flights that I forgot I was in the air! Engaging, entertaining, saucy, and poignant, this ingenious six-degrees-of-separation novel is so much fun.”
Jenna BlumNew York Times bestselling author of Those Who Save Us

“A fully self-possessed novelist, in command of large figurations, shrewd intelligence and wit, and a fine eye for the world and the American sentence.”
Richard Ford

“A beautiful, haunting, insightful novel so bullet-train fast, it’s nearly impossible to put down. Goldhagen writes about the struggles of growing up, relationships, and celebrity with characters that are real and complex and subtly defined. In Some Other World, Maybe is funny as hell–and deeply profound.”
Nic SheffNew York Times bestselling author of Tweak and We All Fall Down

“Filled with people so flawed and funny and heart-achingly familiar that, upon finishing, I felt that I was parting ways with a group of close and precious friends—I loved this novel.”
– Aryn Kyle, bestselling author of The God of Animals