In Some Other World, Maybe

ISOWM won The Elle’s Letters Reader’s Prize!
“Movingly evokes the bittersweet truth that most of us don’t end up where, or with whom, we were convinced we would.”  MORE

“GET HOOKED. . .as this trio’s degrees-of-separation drama puts your own post-grad ordeals to shame.”  MORE

Kirkus Review
“Goldhagen’s writing is funny and honest and reflects well the oddities of modern America. . .An original novel about how to let go of adolescent fantasies and make it into adulthood.”  MORE

Library Journal
Starred Review
“From New York to Macau, these braided histories are imparted via witty, engaging prose peppered with almost unbearable poignancy. Sure to resonate with fans of nonlinear storytelling in the vein of Jennifer Egan’s A Visit from the Goon Squad and Zadie Smith’s NW, this title deserves a place on every library shelf. ­Superb.” MORE

“Goldhagen follows up her winning debut novel with an equally engaging story of four young people whose lives intersect at pivotal moments. A highly relatable cast is a hook as the four face down difficulties with humor and a good deal of heart.”

Entertainment Weekly
B+ “In Some Other World, Maybe is an engrossing second novel from Goldhagen, a seasoned gossip columnist, whose insights into both Hollywood and the journalism industry inform and shape vivid backdrops for her cast of characters.” MORE

“In Shari Goldhagen’s skilled narrative, these twists reveal themselves naturally in a sort of fictional six degrees of separation.. . The result is a compelling tale that leaves readers pondering what is and, had life taken another direction, what could have been.” MORE

New York Daily News
“These unexpected connections between characters makes it great fun to discover who will  fit in where. Yet the pain that so easily follows the joy in the characters’ lives also makes Goldhagen’s story something that will stick with the reader long after “Eons & Empires” finally goes off the air.”  MORE

“Weekend Book Pick” MORE

Publishers Weekly
“Witty and heartfelt. Each character’s individual story is compelling.”

Chicago Reader
“The Best Books We Can’t Wait to Read in 2015” MORE

In Touch Weekly
Grade A: “Bittersweet and sharply funny.”  MORE

Us Weekly
“One for the books!” MORE

Spencer Daily Reporter
“This book is an entangling of stories, and of characters, in the best possible way. . . nearly impossible to put down.” MORE

Redeye Chicago
In Some Other World, Maybe offers a smart commentary on a generation that grew up groomed for success and how they deal when forced to settle for less.” MORE

Bella NYC
“If you’re a reader who likes ensemble Hollywood films, then get read for the ensemble cast in Goldhagen’s novel.” MORE

“January Must Reads” MORE

Gulf Coast Times
“Shari Goldhagen has a knack for family dynamics and relationships.” MORE

The Lantern
“Of course I would come back!” MORE



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